Who's doin' the NG Halloween Costume Contest?

2014-10-18 11:22:35 by JeremyLokken

I don't see any submissions yet, so I was going to make something really lousy and enter it and clean up all the prize money. Can't be a rule against that, can there?

Might do one of those scary circus conjoined people costumes, like this...


NG Halloween Contest link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1375775




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2014-10-18 12:24:04

if you dress up as miley cyrus, then you might as well win this thing.
good call.


2014-10-18 14:40:28

there are a few people from what I've seen.


2014-11-01 19:50:06

I signed up to Newgrounds in 2000 and Jeremy's videos are truly timeless. It is so awesome to see him still around making videos after all these years. The only other classic artist that I can't find on here is a kid named John Brett who made the shittiest flash movies ever but they were funny as hell.


2015-01-06 19:28:47

your account age = a high schooler

JeremyLokken responds:

Still not legal though.