My Pico Day Game

2014-04-28 01:06:25 by JeremyLokken

This is the first time I've submitted something for Pico Day. I spent about a month making this game in Construct2, partly because I'm still learning the software. There's a lot to do in it, like bake with Salad Fingers, Ride Murshaq, arts and crafts with Prosnorkulus, and visit Frank's, just like in the Tankman series. Goal is to get the tankman to the Pico Day party.

Could this be the only Pico Day game made in HTML5?

Tankman Birthday Adventures



A couple things to note when making an HTML5 game, if you have bugs in it. good luck with your updates. Most of the viewers who have the 1st version javascript file in their cache might not see your newer one. Or the servers might take a little longer to update the file. You might get around this by changing the file name of the javascript files in your zip archive. 


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2014-04-28 02:18:22

That's strange... me and someone else brought cake. I got to a room where the platforms were not visible, and a cyclon turret was nailing me... need to play this on another PC, mine's too crappy :( I got saladfingers out, feels a little stiff, but wow, nice!

(Updated ) JeremyLokken responds:

Thanks VicariousE. I played it on another pc and it was a little sluggish. It uses 70mb ram, might be too much for some computers for browser games. Were the platforms ever window ledges or light colored bricks, or were they once visible? Or does the character just stand on nothing? There still might be bugs of my own, or bugs of Construct2. For instance, you can die in training mode learning how to drop bombs, uses the same event sheet as the other sections. *I updated the game to work out some of the known bugs.


2014-04-28 14:48:19

Note to self: Rename javascript file and reference when resubmitting or fixing bugs. Don't leave it as the same name.


2014-04-28 17:02:56

Once I get another machine, I'll check it out, looks fascinating! My 11 y/o Dell laptop with 512 MB of RAM, doesn't do certain Directx stuff, so the audio was severely bottlenecked, but looked and moved great, not a CPU issue at all. I just died and it locked up, probably a graphic transition my computer didn't like, is all.

We're all still working the bugs out!

JeremyLokken responds:

If you died in a building, it was a bug! I did not properly have the routing to Game Over screen. Sort of an embarrassing bug. But someone also had a bad transition that should not have happened, the Murshaq entrance. Another couldn't even see the bomb explosions. Bizarre stuff with HTML5 across various computers.

Thanks for the help, p.s. where are your pico day dump pics?


2014-04-29 01:15:48

stop screwing with html 5 fix the bill cosby fun game its been almost 10 years!

JeremyLokken responds:

Bill Cosby Fun Game 2015: HTML5 version. Fully interactive, walking around the city, handing out pudding, upgrading your cave, health bar, upgrade cameras. I have considered and sketched it out.


2014-04-29 02:01:56

Good gravy man, I forgot it was you who did those ST:TNG games... man, time sure flies by, like shit through a goose. It's gotta all mostly be on the older versions java, worse driver to HW translations or something.

I got 131 pics = 230 MB, that's a lot of chicken to choke through the wire...

JeremyLokken responds:

I'll wait. Pico pics will just add more value to the Summer time.


2014-04-30 23:15:48

Sounds like a good idea. By that time, I'll be thinner and tanner... early spring is a lousy time for a party, after winter in the NE. But somehow, the clouds part for our man Tommy!


2014-05-17 01:31:15

hay there dude its me from that steam chat thingy :D nice account

JeremyLokken responds:

Hey nice to meet you on NG finally.


2014-06-27 03:59:57

OOOO, I wanna play. I'm on a desktop and I got:

This submission is not compatible with your device:

Requires Java plugin

Unsuitable for touchscreen devices

(Updated ) JeremyLokken responds:

Damn! Uh...try this offline non-browser version...There's a couple glitches, must save Salad Fingers before you can go thru the Murshaq secret hideout, or else some gate will appear.