Luis at the store.

2012-09-29 02:24:38 by JeremyLokken

Thanks Luis, for excellent NG Store customer service skills. Good luck on your tennis game, your character sheet looks massive.


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2012-09-29 03:02:55

Johnny Utah sucks at Tennis LOL.


2012-09-29 04:39:50

He's the best back stocker Newgrounds has ever seen.


2012-09-29 15:34:50

That man saved me the last M1 Abrams Shell they had left in stock.
Easily employee of the year; Tom should pay him more.


2012-09-30 11:57:12

Actually I'm always pleasantly suprised by the userbase and how patient they are with things. The store is definately not perfect, and since the redesign has hit its snags and frusterating moments. Under most circumstances, people would not be putting up with any headaches, theyd simply just shop elsewhere or not at all. We happen to have really understanding users and willing to give us a chance so its very much appreciated.


2012-11-16 17:17:00

My name is cast and I'm starving to death. Please help me.


2013-03-08 13:12:31