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Entry #7

My $5k video contest entry

3/23/13 by JeremyLokken
Updated 1 month ago

The band is the Birthday Massacre, they sound pretty good, here's my video link: I developed a story around the song, so it would fit.

If it sucks, it's cuz I made it in 1 week. Found out late and rushed to the end. Vcam3 broke and could not handle hi-res textures. Most graphics had to be exported and imported flat. All movement was thrown into movieclips, so I could at least pan the camera. Swivel was a HUGE help on this project. Thanks, Newgrounds. I had to export framed segments of my main SWF, I broke Swivel too, with frozen frames, pixelated compression, but with the frame start/end pointers, it worked out fine.


- Lokken

My $5k video contest entry


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dunkey played your game

1 month ago JeremyLokken responds:

Whoa! He's got almost the same amount of views as NG plays here! Thanks for the link!

nice work.. kinda pissese me off though, the band basically gets a bazillion music videos for 5k

3/23/13 (Updated 3/23/13) JeremyLokken responds:

Thanks mindchamber. Yeah, what a great deal for them. Not exactly something I'm going to be doing often.